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PT Sentul City Tbk. maintained its uptrend momentum in marketing sales through robust performance in June 2013. The Company was able to book approximately a total of Rp 183,1 billion in marketing sales, significantly increased by 144% compared with the marketing sales performance of the previous month, and an impressive increase by 210% YoY. Through June’s accomplishment, the Company has secured a cumulative marketing sales of Rp 762,1 billion for the first semester, or equivalent to approximately 76% of total targeted marketing sales for 2013. 

The succesful launching of a new cluster in Serpong Natura represented 51,3% of total marketing sales in June. Sentul Tower Apartment also contributed significantly, representing 26% of the the total marketing sales value. Other clusters have also maintained strong contribution, such as the newly launched Terrace Hill 2 cluster and also the Company’s prestigious cluster Santorini, both representing 18,3% of June’s marketing sales.

The Launching of Terrace Hill 2

With reference to the Company’s excellent record in launching Terrace Hill cluster, in May 2013 the Company launched a new cluster called Terrace Hill 2. The cluster consisted of 77 units with price ranging between Rp 800 million to Rp 1,2 billion. The market responded in a very positive manner proven by the success of the launching which brought Terrace Hill 2 as the main contributor for the Company’s marketing sales in May 2013 with contribution representing 87,7% of marketing sales in that particular month. By June 2013, all the units in Terrace Hill 2 cluster were completely sold out.

Expansion in Serpong

June 2013 marked the Company’s expansion outside Sentul area through the launching of the very first cluster in Serpong Natura. Serpong Natura is the latest addition in the Company’s real estate portfolio, located in Serpong with total area of 216 hectares. On June 14th 2013, Serpong Natura succesfully launched its first cluster called Natura Acacia which consisted of 170 units with price range between Rp 450 million to Rp 1 billion. In less than one month, approximately 77% of the marketed units were sold with total marketing sales value of Rp 94 billion. Satisfied with market’s response towards Natura Acacia cluster, Serpong Natura is now preparing the launching of its next cluster within the second semester of 2013.

June 2013 also marked the opening of the latest addition of culinary hotspot in Ah Poong floating marsket area. Pecel Solo is now serving customers in Ah Poong floating market with traditional javanese food delicacy from its authentic Joglo House premises. 

Marketing sales of Sentul Nirwana

Sentul Nirwana has managed to book a total marketing sales of Rp 29 billion in June 2013. In accumulation, Sentul Nirwana has recorded a total marketing sales of Rp 255,7 billion from the beginning of the year until the end of the first semester. This figure represents 47,4% of Sentul Nirwana’s marketing sales target in 2013.

This marketing sales performance shows a positive increase of 18,9% compared with the same period YoY. Hillside Residence came as the top contributor of marketing sales in June 2013 with total contribution of 39,6% followed by Hillside Apartment and Business Loft.
About PT Sentul City Tbk

Sentul City is engaged in Township development including development of residential properties, commercial properties, Hotels, Theme Park, Hospital and Asset management. The Company is licensed to develop 3,100 ha of land.  It has a remaining land bank of some 1,400 ha and in addition to Sentul Nirwana’s approximately 12,000 ha of land bank. The Company targets various market segments from mid to mid low class up to mid to mid high class, allowing the Company to offer wide range of products.

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